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Pre-paid Funerals

A pre-paid funeral is a safe and structured way to plan and pay for your farewell in advance, avoiding leaving your family with any difficult financial burden on top of the emotional toll.

When you enter a prepaid plan, your funds are held independently under strict and regulated conditions until your wishes have been delivered, or transferred if you decide to use another funeral director.

The benefits of pre-paid

A number of benefits come with a pre-paid funeral plan, including:

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A pre-paid plan enables you to establish the type of funeral you want – burial or cremation, the nature of the ceremony you want if any, and the music of your choice.

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A pre-paid plan helps remove some of the stress that your loved ones will experience, as it removes any financial burden at an already difficult time.

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The money invested on a pre-paid funeral is not subject to asset testing, hence does not reduce the pension you are entitled to or affect deeming.

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By pre-paying for your funeral, you avoid any future price rises resulting from inflation, as prices are locked in at today’s levels.

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Pre-paid funerals offer peace of mind investment, with all funds paid held by an independent party that operates under strict regulations. These funds are only accessible to us after we have delivered your wishes.

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Pre-paid Funerals vs Funeral Insurance

There is much commentary, myth, and misinformation about comparisons between Pre-paid Funerals and Funeral Insurance. The following is a comparison to help determine the best possible option for you.

Pre-paid Funerals
Funeral Insurance
Pre-paid Funerals Provides for the full funeral costs regardless of the date of death
Funeral Insurance More expensive for older people, and premiums can often exceed the benefit due
Pre-paid Funerals Locks in the cost of the funeral at today’s prices
Funeral Insurance You must select the sum insured, which may or may not be sufficient to cover future funeral costs
Pre-paid Funerals You can choose the type of funeral you want
Funeral Insurance Your family will still have to handle all the funeral arrangements
Pre-paid Funerals Pay upfront or by instalments
Funeral Insurance No benefits received if payment of premiums cease or are not up to date
Pre-paid Funerals Exempt from Centrelink assets test and deeming rules. May help qualify for age pension or part pension
Funeral Insurance Does not affect pension or social security benefits

Pre-Pay our Essential Cremation Package

Did you know you can also pre-arrange our Essential Cremation Package, which includes a cremation without attendance or service?

The package has a total cost of $3,264.00* and includes:

  • Planning fee (all arrangements)
  • Transport (transfer into our care)
  • Mortuary care (preparation for cremation)
  • Cremation container
  • Vehicle (transfer to crematorium)
  • Crematorium (choice of crematorium and time of
    cremation at our discretion)
  • Legal documents (medical certificate, death certificate
    and cremation permit)
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